Boomer Women Travelers was created for the vibrant community of international women of the baby boomer generation who love to travel.

Founder and editor Catherine Sweeney along with other professional travel bloggers/writers and boomer travelers from all walks of life share experiences and ideas to inform and inspire.

Although our particular age group is a common bond, it doesn’t identify who we are or how we travel. Let’s celebrate our common bond as well as our individuality by sharing our love for travel!

Catherine Sweeney – Founder and Editor

"Catherine Sweeney at St. Gregory's Castle, Girona, Spain""Catherine Sweeney on the Mediterranean Sea of Costa Brava, Catalonia"

Catherine’s passion for travel goes back to her childhood in the Chicago area when her family crisscrossed North America on road trips. Today, as a boomer woman traveler she still approaches new destinations as well as familiar favorites with eager anticipation and youthful enthusiasm. She is founder and editor of Traveling With Sweeney, where she and frequent travel companion, Mr. TWS, collaborate to entertain and inspire. Catherine also contributes guest posts to other high quality travel blogs and is a manager of several travel-related Facebook communities. Previously, Catherine was founder, editor and publisher of First Dog Barking, an innovative travel website and e-newsletter that focused on traveling with pets.

"Catherine Sweeney zip-lining near Mazatlan, Mexico""Catherine Sweeney at Marienplatz Christmas Market in Munich, Germany"

12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Catherine Sweeney Post author

    Jeff and Suzanne – Thank you both for your kind words! Please keep following along. Suzanne, we’ll look forward to having you share your travel adventures with our readers.

    1. Catherine Sweeney Post author

      Thanks, Donna. It means so much that you are part of the launch. You’ve long been an inspiration to boomers and we always enjoy following along on your adventures!

  2. Linda Cateriano

    What a great idea and site for all of us women wanderlusts who can never get enough travel under our belts! The passion and fearlessness continues!
    Buen viaje~

    I’m a fan already

    1. Catherine Sweeney Post author

      Thanks, Linda. Glad to have you with us here. Could there ever be such a thing as too much travel? Not in my book. 🙂

  3. Doreen Pendgracs

    Hi Catherine: Congrats on your new site. We should talk! My book is about amazing chocolate and chocolate experiences of the world. I will be leading tour groups of women travellers to some of my favourite places, and boomers are definitely my demographic. Chocolate travel is the new niche.

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