Boomer Women Talk Nature

Earth Day All Year Round

April 22 marked Earth Day — a day when many of us give extra thought and attention to nature conservation and ways to protect our environment. Green Global Travel hosted a blog carnival celebrating the “beauty of nature and wildlife”.  Some of our favorite boomer women travel bloggers shared their posts in the carnival and we’re including them below. Click on the links to read the full articles. If you’ve got a “Nature” blog post, feel free to add it to the collection.

2 thoughts on “Boomer Women Talk Nature

  1. Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer)

    Thanks for reposting our articles. When I wrote mine about the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, I was despaired of spring ever truly coming. I am happy to report that suddenly all is green in these parts (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) and my spirits are concomitantly lifted. 🙂

    1. Catherine Sweeney Post author

      Yay for spring in Philly! Glad that things are looking up. I think some places around the country are still seeing nothing but winter.

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