Atlantic Cruises: Stylish Travel to the World’s Most Amazing Destinations

Guest Post by Sarah Falconer

A cruise on the Atlantic Ocean is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous, and thanks to affordable prices more people than ever are choosing this vacation option. With cruise liners now more like floating hotels, this is one the best ways to travel in comfort and style.

The variety of cruises available means that it’s hard to end up disappointed with your choice. No matter where you choose to set sail to, you’ll find something to suit your tastes, whether it’s transatlantic cruises to witness the glorious fall scenery in New England, spend Christmas in New York or take a voyage to the exotic Caribbean.

Luxury ocean travel

One of the main benefits of today’s cruise ship vacations is the quality of on-board facilities. We all know that accommodation can make or break a holiday, but ocean liners today can easily match the standards of luxury hotels; some accommodations even have private steam rooms and whirlpools. You can expect all-inclusive, diverse cuisine options in a choice of restaurants as well as private dining on your cabin balcony. With ocean cruises you have little more to do than relax and enjoy the facilities and entertainment as you sail towards your destination.

Choose your itinerary

Your first decision when booking will be your intended ports of call. Travelling the North Atlantic will allow you access to cities such as New York and Boston. Your call at New York may include additions such as a stay at a Niagara Falls hotel as part of the package. A longer trip of around 20 days can include the American cities plus further voyages north. Often a range of short excursions is part of the package, whether you simply want to experience the city delights at your leisure or take guided tours via the cruise ship operators.

"NYC image by joiseyshowaa, used under Creative Commons license"

Image by joiseyshowaa, used under Creative Commons license

The Caribbean at your leisure

The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise options thanks to the beaches and year round sunshine. The idyllic atmosphere of islands such as Jamaica, Aruba, Cuba and Barbados are the best way to beat the winter blues. You may also be able to head to Miami and the Florida Keys before heading on to the Caribbean. Shore excursions can mean days spent on the beaches and pleasant evenings enjoying the local cuisine and fabulous nightlife options.

Feel the passion of Latin America

South America always ranks highly on those ‘most desired’ vacation lists. Cruising the South Atlantic Ocean offers you the chance to visit numerous destinations. Sun-soaked Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are all likely to be on the bucket list. A seven night cruise can consist of multiple stops such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or the beautiful Punta de Este in Uruguay before heading to the colourful capital city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. A cruise of Latin American locations is the perfect way to sample a flavour of one of the world’s most interesting continents.

Atlantic Ocean cruises cater for just about all tastes and budgets, regardless of whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends. This is one of the best ways to travel the world without having to leave the comfort of your ‘floating hotel’.

Image by joiseyshowaa, used under Creative Commons license.

About the author: Sarah Falconer is a retired journalist who loves to spend time on the seas. Her favourite cruise destination is the Bahamas.


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