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Go ‘n Groove, Organized Women’s Trips, was born in 2003 and has offered trips to the Equinox Resort in Manchester VT, the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid NY, and the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock VT. In addition, mothers & daughters have enjoyed weekends in NYC seeing “Wicked”, “Little Women” and “Legally Blonde”. There have been cycling trips that alternate among the Finger Lakes of NY. And last spring was the 2nd year that they went to NYC for a weekend which included a foodie tour of Brooklyn, a Happy Hour at SCOOP in SOHO and the Five Boro Bike Ride put on by Bike New York.

An upcoming tour is a bike trip around one of New York State’s Finger Lakes. Go ‘n Groove founder Karen Ansbro Leone shares the story of how she got inspired to create this popular tour.

"Chairs on the lawn at the Finger Lakes, New York State"

Finger Lakes, New York

I had wanted to do a Go ‘n Groove trip to the Finger Lakes area of New York and had fantasized for a couple of years about bringing a group of ladies to the Aurora Inn to take over their EB Morgan House. As I sat cycling away one morning during spin class at the gym, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we traveled there on bikes?” I took out my highlighter and map and tracked three days of biking in and out of Ithaca, which included a stay at the Aurora Inn.

But did the idea really start during that spin class? Or was this cycling trip an unconscious attempt on my part to make things right from my last few weeks before graduating from Cornell University in ’84?

Six months to commencement day, I was still in need of my final 3 Phys Ed credits. Nothing interested me, until I saw a “Women Outdoors” class. However, after just two meetings, I hated it.

Our final adventure was a two-night bike ride in and about Trumansburg, a rural area outside of Ithaca. I’ll never forget the looks on my roommate, Jenny’s, face and our friend, Peter, as they dropped me off. They tried not to laugh as we took out my backpack and the 10 speed yellow Fuji bike I had gotten freshman year in High School. I must have looked pathetic as I reluctantly joined the group.

The scenery was beautiful and I loved the solitude of the ride until that night when it began to rain heavily and I thought, “I hate this class”. I couldn’t wait to get back to campus.

The next morning we were back on the road. In town, I walked my bike up Buffalo Street, the notorious steep hill leading from downtown Ithaca to Cornell’s campus (we weren’t expected to ride up the hill). At the top, a friend of mine drove by and we stopped to chat. The rest of the group went on ahead, so I decided to put the bike in my friend’s truck and catch a lift to Barton Hall where the group would be meeting. At the hall, we all said our good-byes and my friend drove me home. Mission accomplished, or so I thought.

Three days later, I received a call from one of the leaders saying that they had noticed that I didn’t cycle all the way to the end. In order to receive credit for the class I would have to meet them and finish the ride. Although it was less than a mile ride it was almost all uphill.

The next morning, I was back on my Fuji as I rode in between the two leaders. I made it all the way to Barton Hall with no problems. (Thank God for the red light along the way.) Yes, I graduated, but I certainly wouldn’t have thought that an unfinished bike ride might have kept me from getting my diploma.

Fast-forward 22 years and Go ‘n Groove is planning their 7th ride in and around the Finger Lakes and our 3rd in and out of Ithaca. Every time I finish this trip I can’t help but reflect on my “ride” in to Barton Hall. I’d like to see those leaders and show them that not only do I bike a similar route — but I could kick ass up Buffalo Street!

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