Half Moon Bay Getaway

Half Moon Bay is notorious for its exciting surfing venues such as Mavericks Beach, but there are many reasons to visit this part of the Northern California coast. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, a Half Moon Bay getaway is perfect on a hot summer day or even all year round.

Venice Beach, Half Moon Bay

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9 thoughts on “Half Moon Bay Getaway

  1. Jeremy Branham

    The Mavericks surf competition is awesome! I’ve never been nor do I surf but anyone who lives in this area knows about it. I actually watched some youtube videos on the competition yesterday. Waves are amazing! This is definitely a beautiful stretch of coast but not your typical beach lover’s town!

  2. Sophie

    Looks like the waves can be a bit rough out there. Interestingly, there’s a Half Moon Bay on the other side of the Pacific, as well – in Auckland.

  3. jade

    My dad always talks about Mavericks and Half Moon Bay- He surfed there when he first moved to California (probably 30 years ago) and still talks about it being really great!

    1. Christy @ Technosyncratic

      Ha, I agree! Not that I’ve ever surfed in Australia, but the water all along the West Coast is just so fracking cold. 😛

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