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Boomer Women Travelers is a fresh, fun & informative site for women of the influential baby boomer generation who love to travel. Our content is provided by professional travel bloggers and writers as well as boomer women travelers from all walks of life.

Would you like to share your travel stories, tips and ideas? We’d love to hear from you!


What We Offer Our Contributors:

We provide links and exposure to our focused audience of boomer women travelers around the world who love to travel. Published articles will also be promoted throughout our social networks. We do not pay for articles published on the site. If you’re not a professional travel blogger or writer, your voice can also be heard on our site. Share your experiences and knowledge in our “Ask the Locals” feature or submit your stories about a travel experience. Please use the contact form or email us at with your story idea. We’ll respond promptly to let you know if your idea is a good fit for our site.

Our Content covers a diverse range of travel-related topics:

Destinations – Domestic or International locations
Travel Styles – Road Trip, Cruise, Rail Travel, Luxury, Budget, Backpacking, Themed, Couples/Solo/Group
Urban – City Destinations, Attractions & Nightlife
Accommodations – Reviews – Hotels – especially boutique style and B&B’s
Adventure & Outdoors – Sports, Hiking, Recreation, Adventure Travel
Eco-Tourism – Sustainable Travel and Eco-friendly destination/accommodations
Experiential – Real Life Experiences, Living Like a Local, Volunteering
Festivals & Events – Annual, Traditional, Unique
Food and Wine – Culinary Travel, Food & Wine Lifestyle/Places of Interest
Travel Tips and Planning – Safety, Accommodations, Transportation, Planning Resources
Lifestyle – Health, Fashion, Topical Issues, General Interest

Submission Guidelines:

We do not accept previously published articles.

Length: Generally speaking, article length is 600 – 750 words for feature articles. However, we will consider longer articles. Quality is the most important criteria.

Provide a brief bio with 1-3 personal links (e.g. website, twitter, facebook) and a photo.

Include a minimum of 2 (preferably 3 – 5) of your best photos that are at least 640 pixels wide. Also, and only if required, we will touch up photos in Photoshop. Please provide captions for your photos too.

If you are interested in providing promotional posts or advertising on Boomer Women Travelers, please contact us at for more information.

Editorial prerogatives:

All articles are subject to editing for length and style before being published to the website. Articles requiring substantial editing will be returned to the authors. We retain the right to reject any material that we determine is not suitable for the site.

Boomer Women Travelers reserves the right to pin photos to Pinterest or post them to other social media platforms, giving photo credit to you.

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