Amsterdam Bikes and Boats

In Amsterdam, bikes are everywhere!

"In Amsterdam Bikes and Boats are seen everywhere"

Amsterdam bikes and Boats

Throughout the Netherlands, bicycles are a main form of transportation for commuting and just getting around town and country. I recently took these photos of Amsterdam’s bikes and boats.

To me, it seems that bikes give residents and sightseers a sense of freedom — the freedom to move around easily and quickly over the bridges and through the narrow streets. Next time, I’ll rent one, too.

And more bikes!

In a city with so many canals there are boats of all kinds, including the houseboats that are so prevalent as holiday rentals and homes.

I wish I’d had the time to visit the Houseboat Museum (an actual houseboat, not a building) to get a feel of what it’s like to live on one.

Then there are those boats used for basic transportation.

More to come about Amsterdam!

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50 thoughts on “Amsterdam Bikes and Boats

  1. Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista

    I really appreciated these pictures. I especially like the first one with the canal and the next one with the buildings! Really do like that architecture with all the brick. I have not been to Amsterdam yet but they do seem to like their bikes 🙂

  2. Eileen Ludwig

    Love the canal. I went to Amsterdam but don’t remember the canals. It was a short weekend trip from Paris where I spent a good part of the time at the small village setup (majordomo, maybe) went to Anne Frank house which was spooky for me with a German last name and obviously American. Amsterdam was not a friendly city to Americans – youth yelling out American – just might have been the weekend I travel there.

    1. Cathy Post author

      Sorry you didn’t have a better experience in Amsterdam. I also visited the Anne Frank house and found it very moving and intense.

  3. Michael Figueiredo

    Beautiful photos! I love how the Dutch actually enjoy the outdoors by biking (and walking) everywhere. It’s so unlike life in Los Angeles! When I was in Amsterdam a few years back I saw a woman on a bike get hit by a tram though 🙁

    1. Cathy Post author

      Thanks, Michael. That’s terrible about the woman getting hit by the tram. I guess accidents can happen anywhere. Hope she was OK.

  4. Jade

    Cathy, I LOVE these photos and totally agree that biking lends a sense of freedom. I always try to bike around a city if we have the option. It’s a different pace and way of life and I absolutely love it.

  5. Marlys

    I’ve enjoyed all my visits to picturesque Amsterdam, each time finding a nice aspect of it, particularly food. Last I visited, I liked the Pommes with mayo that was offered everywhere. Previous to that, I loved a small stand-up cantine serving good Dutch fish and chips.

    1. Cathy Post author

      Oh, I wish I had tried pommes with mayo – right up my alley! You’re so right that Amsterdam is picturesque — seemed like there were photo ops everywhere I looked.

  6. The World of Deej

    When I was in Amsterdam, I was quite sure I could just grab a bike from anywhere, and the owner wouldn’t miss it and simply grab one themselves. I never did though, but next time there I’m definitely renting a bike!

  7. Sophie's World

    There are many bike cities in the world, but Amsterdam is somehow different, I think – partly because the bicycles are usually quite old-fashioned, like those my grandmother used. Love its canals and houses with steep stairs that have remained unchanged for centuries. It’s easy to feel you’re in another era. You’ve captured it well.

  8. New7Wonders of nature

    Bike and Boat both are very important for us. I prefer bike always to move here and there.Anyway, I am surprised to see the description of Amsterdam’s Bikes and Boats.

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  9. Stephanie - The Travel Chica

    I love urban bike transportation! I used to ride my bike to work, to the grocery store, concerts, even to bars and restaurants when I lived in Columbus. Unfortunately, Columbus is not really a bike-friendly city yet (no bike lines and a-hole drivers that do not understand that I have the right to the lane).

    1. Cathy Post author

      It is really a shame that more cities aren’t bike friendly. But I do think things are moving in that direction in many places.

  10. jamie - cloud people adventures

    great shots cathy! i loved amsterdam too. for all the right reasons i swear. ha. can totally see the freedom sense you are talking about. just cruising around the city looks so casual. so much better than stressing out in traffic!

    1. Cathy Post author

      Jamie, I would never have assumed that you liked Amsterdam for anything but the right reasons. 🙂 Glad you liked the photos — thanks very much!

  11. Christy @ Ordinary Traveler

    I love love love those houseboats in Amsterdam. I did a tour of the canals while I was there and it was one of the highlights. There are so many places in Europe that I want to revisit now that I’m older and take more photos. Great shots!

    1. Cathy Post author

      I’ve always loved riding bikes for enjoyment and exercise. Would love to be able to use it more for basic transportation, too.

  12. John

    Shame Amsterdam doesn’t have a bicycle share scheme similar to Paris, London and Brussels. I use the Brussels Villo! bikes to get around Brussels. It is very liberating to pick up a bike at a station and leave it at another, as you no longer need to worry about it getting stolen once it has been logged back in a station.

  13. Laurel

    A Houseboat Museum? I have it on my list for when I make it to Amsterdam. I love quirky museums like these. I also like bike friendly cities, it gives the city a much different vibe when biking is such a popular mode of transportation.

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  16. Barbi

    Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities! I’ve got some relatives living there, in the downtown next to the Dam Square, it’s beautiful! I like those canals, the bridges, and of course the bicycles. Although at first I was afraid from them, they ride really fast:)

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