Beauty and the Snowy Beast

A New York City Snowfall

"Central Park after a heavy New York City snowfall"

Central Park, New York City

Although a blizzard can create hardships and slushy sidewalks when the blanket of snow melts, it can also be a source of beauty and enjoyment. As much of the East Coast of the United States is experiencing heavy snow, I’ve been fondly remembering a gorgeous snowfall in New York City in 2006. During the early morning hours of February 12th that year, unusual thunder and lightning announced a record snowfall which covered the city and crafted beautiful wintry scenes in Central Park, where 26.9 inches of snow was measured. Two days later, on a glorious, sunny Valentine’s Day, I revisited the park. These are photos that I hope convey the essence of those two days.

On February 14th, the bright sun glistened on the snow creating a different kind of snowy beauty. People enjoyed the day taking carriage rides, ice skating and walking along the paths.

Central Park, New York City

Have you experienced the beauty of a New York City snowfall?

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31 thoughts on “Beauty and the Snowy Beast

  1. inka

    Hard to believe that this is really bang in the middle of New York City. So lovely, I just would like to wade in that snow, which is saying a lot as I normally hate snow and the cold!

  2. Marlys

    Snow in all its virgin purity (i.e. before it melts and becomes black ice) is always a no-fail as a photo subject, much like The Arches in Utah. I love love love it….as long as I’m sitting somewhere where the sun is shining and it’s around 25° C: I’m writing this on a day when finally it has stopped snowing where we are in Germany. The last few days have seen non-stop snowfall that even my mother-in-law is complaining that this is the worst snowy winter she’s ever known in all her 85 years. And just last night, a newscaster said this amount of snow has not fallen in this German town since a 100 years ago. But having said that,our town is not New York, which IS beautiful in snow. I would want to see it in snow myself, never mind that I’ve had it up to here where are right now. Pretty photos, too, Cathy.

    1. Cathy Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Marlys. I know what you mean. There certainly can be too much of a good thing! Hope you’ll be seeing some better weather soon.

  3. Jeremy B

    The snow is so beautiful! Being from the South, I didn’t see it a lot but when I did see it, I loved it! Just got a BUNCH of snow in South Carolina (where I am from) the day after Christmas. It looks so beautiful but not fun to drive around in! Loved your photos!

  4. ayngelina

    What a beautiful series of photos, it *almost* makes me miss Canada in the winter. But you can’t fool me. I know that beautiful white fluffiness will turn to dirty slush in a few days!

  5. Laurel

    Beautiful photos and I agree a heavy snowfall, especially in a place that doesn’t normally get lots of snow is absolutely magical. I especially love watching kids discover the possibilities – building forts, sledding, snow ball fights….There’s so much to do!

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  7. Debbie

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures, this is as close to NY as I’m sure I’ll ever get! Magical is the word for the white fluff for sure!

  8. turkey's for life

    Nothing better than snowy scenes at this time of year. Photos like this help you to forget the practicalities – the havoc the snow can cause. we can just enjoy it from these photos! 🙂
    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2011.

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  10. Emily

    These photos are so beautiful! Such a winter wonderland. I grew up in Houston and live in Austin, where we’re lucky if it snows one day a year. I can’t imagine living somewhere where snow is a regular part of winter! There’s nothing like New York in the winter. My sister just moved there from Texas and is quickly learning what it’s like–not sure if I could do it!

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