Maui Sunsets

Mr. TWS can go crazy when it comes to taking sunset photos. What better place for him to get snapping than Hawaii?

"Hawaiian sunset"

Hawaiian Sunset

We’re just back from our 10 day Maui excursion with memory cards filled with photos to share in upcoming posts. But to get started, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite Mr. TWS sunset photos from the trip — plus a couple of celestial extras.

Maui Sunsets

On Ka’anapli Beach

"Maui sunset, Ka'anapali Beach"

Ka’anapali Beach Sunset

At the Grand Wailea Resort

"Maui sunset at Grand Wailea Resort"

Sunset at Grand Wailea, Maui

On the ferry from Maui to Moloka’i

"Maui Sunset from ferry from Lahaina to Molokai"

Molokai Sunset

From our room at Napili Kai Beach Resort

"Maui sunset from Napili Kai Beach Resort"

Napili Sunset

The sun also rises

On Maui’s East Coast at Travaasa Hana

"Sunrise in Hana, on the northeast coast of Maui"

Sunrise in Hana, on the northeast coast of Maui

And the moon also sets

From our balcony at the Westin Maui at Ka’anapali Beach

"Moon setting over the Pacific Ocean in the Hawaiian Islands taken from the Westin Maui Resort"

Moon setting over the Hawaiian Islands

Where have you enjoyed memorable sights of the sun and moon?

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33 thoughts on “Maui Sunsets

    1. Cathy Post author

      Mr. TWS is the early bird in the house. I have to admit that I was still enjoying the comforts of Travaasa Hana when he took the sunrise shot.

    1. Cathy Post author

      Mr. TWS says thanks! I love that photo, too. Unfortunately, I’m not an early riser, so don’t get to witness many sunrises in person. 🙂

  1. Patti

    There is something extra special about Hawaiian sunsets. I think it’s the air and the sway of the palm trees and you can image you hear the sizzle of the water as the sun settles on the horizon.

  2. santafetraveler

    Wonderful sunset photos. One of the reasons I want to go to Hawaii is all the wonderful sunset photos I’ve seen over the years. I’m lucky to live in Santa Fe where we get a memorable sunset almost every night.

  3. Abby

    I love these photos. I have a file of sunset pictures I keep on my desktop for whenever I need gorgeous sunset photos for guest posts or anything… They are all from Costa Rica — and Maui. 🙂

    1. Cathy Post author

      That’s part of the beauty of sunsets, isn’t it — all the different colors and patterns they create. I’m kind of partial to the red/orange ones.

  4. budget jan

    Yes we have – I think I could give Mr TWS a run for his money on the sunsets (not the sunrises). I have even taken quite a lot at home, driving back from our afternoon sea walk – through the car windscreen 🙂

    1. Cathy Post author

      Mr. TWS and I would love to see your pics sometime! 🙂 We don’t really see too many sunsets from our house. We do see some great sunrises, though (when I’m up to see them, that is).

  5. memographer

    This is a great set of photos! My favorite is the last one (Moon setting over the Hawaiian Islands).
    I always try to capture sunset/sunrise/moonlight wherever I travel. The most recent ones captured on Easter Island last month. You may look at the pics on my website above.

  6. Mary {The World Is A Book}

    What a beautiful collection of the sun and moon in one of the best places in the world to view them. They’re all great! Looks like a wonderful trip! Some of the best sunsets I’ve seen were at Ka’anapali Beach actually. We love taking sunset photos but really not early risers to do any sunrise photos. Love that shot of the moon, it looks perfect for a night stroll on the beach.

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