My Vineyard Wedding

Our Wedding in Windsor

Twenty-one years ago today, Mr. TWS and I were married on this deck in Windsor, California. With a view of grapevines and surrounding hills, we said our vows in front of a small group of family members at my parents’ home in the heart of Sonoma County wine country in a vineyard wedding.

Windsor, California

Windsor, California

Although we joke that it’s been “…twenty-one long, hard years”, we’ve had many wonderful times and travels. While Sonoma County is special to me for sentimental reasons, it’s one of my favorite recommendations for a travel destination as well as a getaway for San Francisco Bay Area residents.

Windsor, California

With hundreds of wineries in the county, there are plenty of tasting rooms to visit from well-known vineyards such as Ferrari-Carano, Sonoma-Cutrer, and Rodney Strong to small family operations. Historic and charming towns like Sonoma and Healdsburg offer shopping, dining and more wine sipping. Take a drive along the Sonoma coast, hike in the hills, take bike tours in the valley, or ride in a hot-air balloon.

Windsor, California

You might even think about having a vineyard wedding.

For more information: Visit Sonoma County

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17 thoughts on “My Vineyard Wedding

  1. Steve

    Congrats on your 21 “long, hard years”. You definitely had a great place to get married. Perhaps an anniversary party should be held at the same location…inviting all your blogging friends of course.

  2. Leigh

    I would have to say that a vineyard wedding is what I would do now – if I were doing it again. I love the ambiance of the wineries and so do the guests.
    Congrats on TWENTY ONE years.

  3. Andrew Graeme Gould

    Sorry this is a little late, Cathy, but I hope you had a very happy anniversary. All the best to you both!
    Great to have these recommendations of yours for the wineries
    Outdoor weddings in a large gardens are to my taste, and a location like this looks perfect!

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