Occupy SF: Signs of an Occupation

Earlier this week, I was in San Francisco and stopped by the Occupy SF encampment at Justin Herman Plaza.

At the foot of Market Street and across the Embarcadero from the iconic Ferry Building, the plaza is a popular place for nearby office workers as well as sightseeing tourists. Now it has also become the home base of the Occupy SF movement.

By posting these photos, it’s not my intent to make any personal political statement. Rather, I want to present a few sights and signs as I captured them.

This is my submission to this week’s Budget Travelers Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday series. Be sure to check out other photo and story entries on their website.


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16 thoughts on “Occupy SF: Signs of an Occupation

  1. Denise

    not quite sure what to think of these demonstrations around the world…wish they’d help, but sleeping on a mattress in front of Credit Suisse here in Zurich doesn’t seem to be doing much

  2. Emily in Chile

    I can only imagine what the SF hippies are making of this movement! (I say that with much love for my home city) And I agree with Caanan’s comment, I imagine this is the world’s most gourmet campsite with people forgoing showers and real beds but never giving up their artisan cheeses 🙂

  3. Leigh

    It looks pretty homey all in all though wonder what happens when the thermometer dips. A nice selection of shots which gives those of us out of the loop a touch of insight. Not sure what will happen in Calgary when it’s -15C at night. Those will be the truly motivated types.

  4. RyukyuMike

    Love it, the way you presented and photographed this without expressing any bias. Thumbed, Reviewed, Diggd, FBd, Tweeted, G +1’d and became a new follower of yours on that Digg thingy. Bravo !

  5. Laurel

    I had no idea that this was happening in San Francisco as well, great recap. I think my favorite sign was the one about where not to go to the bathroom – I can only imagine what had happened before that.

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