A Week in Tuscany: Instagram Highlights

From picturesque town squares to festive carnival characters to a famous leaning tower, there were plenty of photo opportunities during our Tuscany trip and we included many of them in our posts about the region. These are some of my favorite photos that we posted to our Instagram. Click the photo titles to go to our gallery.

Tuscany on Instagram


Piazza San Frediano

Following the busy weekends, Monday nights are quiet in Lucca as seen here on the Piazza San Frediano. Customers dine al fresco at Osteria Lucca Drento beneath the 13th-century golden mosaic on the facade of the Basilica of San Frediano.

Evening in Piazza San Frediano in Lucca, Italy -- Tuscany on Instagram

Colorful Lucca

Lucca was bustling with locals and visitors on the Sunday afternoon we visited. But as we were walking around the medieval historic center, we came through this passageway and to a much quieter scene. I love the shades of yellow and pink on the buildings and other colorful touches.

Through a passageway in Lucca, yellow and pink buildings along a narrow street in Lucca

Piazza Anfiteatro

There are many restaurants, cafes and shops on the oval-shaped Piazza Anfiteatro, the site of an ancient Roman amphitheater.  It’s a wonderful spot for people watching and relishing Lucca. 

Afternoon on Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca, Italy - Tuscany on Instagram


Florence Cathedral

I’m still reminiscing about that wonderful rainy afternoon in Florence. I was mesmerized by the gorgeous Duomo di Firenze (Florence Cathedral), Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, and how it’s marble facade is so intricately beautiful. Even standing right next to it, it looks like it might be a fantastic painting.

Tourists with colorful umbrella around Florence Cathedral

And a close up …

Stunning facade of the duomo in Florence, Italy -- Tuscany on Instagram

Shelter from the rain

We stopped for a drink and shelter from the rain under the umbrellas of Cabiria, a cafe/bar on Piazza di Santo Spirito. I’m told that this area is very popular with students and really comes alive at night. But I love this daytime scene highlighting the colorful and cozy setting. It was far less crowded here than across the Arno River where most of Florence’s main attractions are located.

Rainy afternoon on Piazza di Santo Spirito in Florence, Italy

Looking up

With vendors on two levels, Lorenzo Market is the place to go in central Florence for a wide variety of meat, fish, produce, and local specialties. It’s also a convenient place for tourists and locals to grab lunch. As we quickly walked through the market, we didn’t have time to stop and savor, but I took a moment to look up and see the very cool ceiling fixtures.

Looking up at the Lorenzo Market in Florence, Italy -- Tuscany on Instagram

Certaldo Alto

Tuscan charm

This is a typical scene from the medieval castle town of Certaldo Alto. You reach this part of Certaldo by taking a cable car or walking up the hill from the newer part of town. Shadow, light, and color add to the Tuscan ambiance of this lovely vicolo (alley).

A vicolo in the hilltop town of Certaldo Alto, Italy -- Tuscany on Instagram


Looking up at the Leaning Tower

Much cooler than I expected. I hadn’t really put Pisa on a wish list, but knew that it would be a must-see while in Tuscany. We were staying just about 10 miles away in Lucca, so it was very convenient. Of course, the tower attracts many tourists (equipped with their selfie sticks), but it’s well-worth the visit (and the climb to the top) — in my opinion.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa -- Tuscany on Instagram

San Gimignano

The tower town

There’s good reason that I close a vertical rectangular format for this San Gimignano photo over the usual square Instagram format. The towers! Here in Piazza della Cisterna, three of the 14 medieval towers that gives the town its distinctive skyline are shown. The two shorter towers are Torri degli Ardinghelli in front of Torre Grossa.

The tower town of San Gimignano, Italy -- Tuscany on Instagram


Festive Tuscany

February is carnival time in Viareggio, an annual tradition begun in 1873. We visited La Citadella di Carnevale, a property with 16 huge hangars where floats for Carnevale di Viareggio are made and stored. These festive statues greet you at the entrance. During open hours, you can stroll around the grounds and visit the workshops.

Statues at entrance of La Citadella di Carnevale in Viareggio, Italy --- Tuscany on Instagram

For more about our week in Tuscany, check out our previous posts: TWS in Tuscany.


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11 thoughts on “A Week in Tuscany: Instagram Highlights

  1. Patti

    I love this collection of photos, Catherine and I especially like the blue lighting in the 1st photo. And the last photos of balancing clowns is full of fun and whimsy. Evidenced by these photos, you must have had a wonderful Tuscan adventure. I’m only a little green with envy. 😉 Are you planning a return trip in the future?

  2. Janice Chung

    I was in Tuscany a few years ago and Florence is beautiful but so crowded. I don’t think I ever saw/went to the Lorenzo market. There was just so much to see. It was nice to visit some smaller towns like you did and it’s great when you can be there for festivals, like La Citadella di Carnevale.

  3. Jo ~ Lifestyle fifty

    Your photos inspired in me a deep longing to go back to Europe, particularly Italy, particularly Florence. Ahh, the architecture and antiquity, something we don’t get so much of in Western Australia. Loved the photo of the Cabiria, on Piazza di Santo Spirito. We’d love some rain here 😉 Also of course Florence cathedral – great perspective.

  4. Debbra Dunning Brouillette

    Ever since I read “Under the Tuscan Sun” I have wanted to visit Tuscany. I took a look at one of your other Tuscany posts after viewing your photos here and both have whetted my travel appetite. Thanks for sharing your trip memories and tips.

  5. Marcia

    As I read your post, I was wondering (yet again!), why haven’t I been to Italy? I’m thinking it must also be very difficult to leave too. It looks so romantic, so vibrant, so beautifully soothing. Thanks for taking my mind away from the intensity of NYC. I feel calmer already!

  6. Cheryl

    What a great photo essay of Tuscany – one of our favorite places! Your photos of Lucca had me envisioning myself standing before the Basilica of San Frediano. There are so many great markets in Florence but I have never found myself in the Lorenzo Market. I guess that is a sign it is time to get back to Tuscany!

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