Welcome to Belgium at Bruges Central Station

This being my first time in Belgium, I was excited to arrive at Bruges Central Station.

"Bruges Central Station, Belgium"

Bruges, Belgium

Although I had only an afternoon to spend there, I looked forward to seeing a few of the popular sights, indulging in fine chocolates and feeling the charm of this medieval city.

"Outside at Bruges Central Station"

Outside the station, I headed in the direction of Belfort and the Church of Our Lady in the distance. For the next few hours, I enjoyed as much of Bruges as I could in a short period of time. Read about my visit in this blog post: In Bruges

"Waiting on the platform at Bruges Central Station"

A whirlwind of a visit, I was soon back on the platform waiting for my train to Rotterdam via Antwerp. A brief, but enjoyable introduction to Belgium.

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26 thoughts on “Welcome to Belgium at Bruges Central Station

  1. Grace

    Ever since I saw the movie I have always wanted to visit because it looked so quaint. Of course aside from the mussels and the chocolate I like Belgian beer!

  2. Angela

    Although it’s not very far from Italy, I’ve never had the chance to visit Belgium. Now I’m back to Europe for a while and will visit all I missed, before heading to my next longterm trip again.

    1. Cathy Post author

      The weather was actually very mixed that day. As you see in the pic it was sunny when I arrived, and within an hour it poured rain. I guess that’s pretty typical there.

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