Why Tunisia? Top Reasons to Visit

Top reasons to visit Tunisia

Guest Post by Nikolai Rudenko

Sun, souks and spas are just three of the excellent reasons why people flock to the North African country of Tunisia year after year. While many will be heading for the familiar resorts of Spain and the Canary Islands, others will be giving holidays in Tunisia a chance, like hundreds of other holidaymakers have done previously.

So what brings people to Tunisia year after year? Take a look at these great reasons to visit and decide for yourself whether this North African paradise holds the holiday for you.

• The Beaches – Miles upon miles of golden sands are an appealing factor for many visitors to Tunisia. Hammamet and Port El Kantaoui are particularly beautiful spots.

• The Souks – Get involved with authentic Tunisian life and head for the souks for some good-natured bartering. You could walk away with a bargain if you have the knack for it!

• The Spas – The thalassotherapy spas in Tunisia are well known for being luxuriously relaxing, using hot seawater to help remove impurities and leave you feeling fresh as a daisy.

• The Sahara – Take a jeep safari through the Sahara Desert and watch the sunset over an oasis town. Bliss.

• The Festivals – If you’re lucky enough to be visiting at a time when Tunisia has a festival running, you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s authentic Sahara traditions, such as camel racing, or nomadic dancing during the International Douz Festival every December, it’s definitely worth seeing for a taste of tradition.

• Tunis – The country’s capital is a vibrant city that offers a flawless fusion of old and new. Souks and elegant buildings join hand in hand in this beautiful city, which has plenty of cultural offerings if they take your fancy.

• Sports – Whether it’s watersports or golf that you’re interested in, Tunisia has plenty of beaches and fairways that will provide you with an afternoon of sporting magic.

From Bedouin villages to shimmering sands, there’s something in Tunisia for everyone. Take a look at this North African sunworshipper’s mecca for a 2013 budget break.

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