December in Paris

For the past two years, I’ve been fortunate to spend a few days of early December in Paris.

Last year, we arrived just in time to enjoy a snowfall that enhanced the whole experience for me. As I’m looking forward to visiting other European cities this holiday season, I’m also reminiscing about December in Paris.

The colorful scenes of the Latin Quarter, picturesque and romantic Montmartre, the lights of the Champs-Élysées, walks along the Seine, the majesty of Notre Dame, and the bustling markets are a few of the highlights that I wanted to share in these photos. Imagine seeing these sights on a visit to Paris in December, then having a romantic Eiffel Tower dinner to end the day. Nice.

For more about my trip in 2010: On Location in Montmartre, A Star for the Soldier, Rue With a View

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42 thoughts on “December in Paris

  1. Leigh

    What a great set of photos Cathy – and Paris in December actually sounds great. I bet the lineups to museums are much shorter too.
    What other cities will you be visiting on this trip?

  2. suki

    I’ve only ever visited Paris as a teenager, so I don’t have any recent memories. I’d love to revisit. I hadn’t thought of going during the winter months – I’m a wimp in cold weather, but these photos make it look not only bearable, but so beautiful!

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