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Milwaukee — A city of surprises and old favorites

Something old, something new …. Whenever Mr. TWS and I visit Milwaukee, we’re sure to revisit favorite places and look for something new in this “great place on a great lake“.  Milwaukee is a city that may surprise visitors with its depth of history, culture, and the arts. There’s more to know about the city beyond beer, brats, and baseball — not that those things aren’t important! Recently, Mr. TWS and I visited family near Milwaukee and I had a chance to revisit familiar spots and experience new places.  In my Instagram gallery, I posted several pictures that I’ll share here. There’ll be more about the trip in upcoming articles.

Our Milwaukee highlights on Instagram

Stunning architecture

Milwaukee At Museum designed by architect Santiago Calatrava

Milwaukee Art Museum

Besides amazing permanent and special exhibitions, the Milwaukee Art Museum is an architectural treasure on the lakefront. The Quadracci Pavilion was designed by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. From Windhover Hall, the entrance hall shown above, and in other areas of the museum, there are expansive vistas of Lake Michigan.

A burst of colorful beauty

Ornate/Activate exhibit work by artist Radhika Mathews

Ornate/Activate exhibit work by artist Radhika Mathews

The painting above by Radhika Mathews was one of my favorites in a recent exhibition at Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum and Renaissance Gardens. “Ornate/Activate” featured themes of inequality, discrimination, segregation, and other cultural issues expressed by South Asian women artists. Villa Terrace was built as an elegant Italian Renaissance-style residence and is situated on a hillside overlooking Lake Michigan.

Inspired Native American art

Innovative Native American art at Haggerty Museum in Milwaukee

Innovative Native American art at Haggerty Museum

The Haggerty Museum houses permanent collections of Marquette University and features special exhibits and educational art programs. Artist Jeffrey Gibson created his work “Get Up, Stand Up” (shown above) using a wool army blanket, rawhide, artificial sinew, glass beads, nylon fringe, metal jingles, and druzy crystal. It was part of a spring exhibition at the museum.

Old money elegance 

The Ladies Parlor at Pabst Mansion

The Ladies Parlor at Pabst Mansion

Pink is the thing in the Ladies Parlor at the Pabst Mansion. It’s here where Mrs. Pabst and female guests would relax and chat. The mansion was built between 1890 and 1892 and is a beautiful look at the old money of the beer barons of Milwaukee during that time.

Historic Pabst Brewery

Stained glass windows at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery in MIlwaukee

Stained glass windows at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

While on a tour at Best Place at Historic Pabst Brewery through the old Pabst Brewing Company offices and its renovated public areas, I admired these beautiful stained glass windows. As part of the tour, guests get a nice cold glass of beer while learning about the history of brewing.


"Pabst" in neon at Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub

“Pabst” in neon at Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub

After taking the tour at Best Place at Pabst Historic Brewery, I had lunch just a block away at Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub where this neon sign lights up the bar.

Tasting Milwaukee

Garlic sauce and artichoke pizza at Transfer Pizzeria Café

Garlic sauce and artichoke pizza at Transfer Pizzeria Café

This pizza was too good not to take leftovers home. I had this delicious artichoke and garlic sauce pizza at Transfer Pizzeria Café for lunch and later for dinner. Transfer opened in 2008 in an old working-class neighborhood on the city’s south side. The restaurant has a very relaxed and friendly vibe. I’ll be back!

Back to the 50s

Zaffiro's Pizza on Farwell in Milwaukee

Zaffiro’s Pizza on Farwell

It’s not a fancy place, but it’s got the Milwaukee tavern and pizza place ambiance of the 1950s that you might expect from looking at the picture. Zaffiro’s has been making its cracker-thin crust pizza since 1954. Mr. TWS and I love stopping here whenever we’re in town. On this trip, it was the first stop on the Milwaukee Food and City Tours “Brady Street Walking Lunch Tour”. Watch TWS for an upcoming post about the tour.

A grand mansion

Gorgeous windows on the grand staircase at Charles Allis Art Museum

Gorgeous windows on the grand staircase at Charles Allis Art Museum

A notable feature of the Charles Allis Art Museum is the gorgeous window of its main staircase. The mansion was built as the home of the president of Allis-Chalmers in 1911.

Coffee and community

Colectivo Coffee, Foundry location in the 5th Ward

Colectivo Coffee, Foundry location

“Strong Coffee Served Here” — indeed! I was surprised at the number of great locally-owned coffee shops that have sprung up in Milwaukee in recent years. I enjoyed a creamy latte at Colectivo’s Foundry location in the 5th Ward (one of 13 in the Milwaukee area). Colectivo has been roasting coffee in Milwaukee since 1993 and is recognized for its support of the local community with its donations and partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Stay tuned for more about Milwaukee highlights.

Disclosure: Thanks to Visit Milwaukee and participating attractions for hosting my Milwaukee experiences.

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6 thoughts on “Milwaukee Highlights on Instagram

  1. Sue Reddel

    Thanks for sharing your Milwaukee highlights. We absolutely adore MKE and all it has to offer. We haven’t really checked out the pizza there so we’ll be using your recommendations the next time we visit. Thanks!

  2. Suzanne Fluhr

    I visited Milwaukee for the first time in April for the Women in Travel Summit. I wish I had built in more time for sightseeing. I did make it to the Harley-Davidson Museum (of all places) and had a rib sticking German dinner at Maders.

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