My Manhattan Affair

Three months in New York immersed me in the energy and excitement of this vibrant city. Adjusting to daily life in other places may have been more challenging, but few could have been more thrilling for me.

Coming from San Francisco, I didn’t need to learn a foreign language, adjust to an exotic diet, or take extraordinary disease prevention precautions. Rather, I lived my normal routines: going to the health club, buying groceries, doing business, and running errands, except I did them while savoring the sights and sounds of Manhattan.

Living in a Midtown East apartment gave me access to all that the city has to offer. The view from my balcony and rooftop was of the skyline and East River. I could go anywhere by walking or public transportation. Daily errands and shopping trips took me by landmarks such as Grand Central Station and the Empire State Building while the smell of roasting chestnuts wafted from street vendors’ carts. When a record-breaking snowstorm hit the city, I happily trudged through snow-packed streets to Central Park to see a winter wonderland. I explored neighborhoods, each with their unique character. I enjoyed galleries, museums, Broadway plays, unexpected events, and meeting people from all over the world.

During my stay, I didn’t work in a Madison Avenue advertising agency, spend weekends in the Hamptons, or get mistaken for a supermodel on 5th Avenue. I just had an affair with Manhattan and left there with one of my favorite memories.

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23 thoughts on “My Manhattan Affair

  1. Raquel Segura

    I am a huge advocate of living like a local where ever you travel even if for a weekend. I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience and I hope you can do it again, and again and agin!!!! Cheers to you and keep up the good work!!!

    1. Cathy Post author

      Thanks, Raquel. Here’s to many opportunities for both of us to live like locals in many wonderful places — like Paris, for instance!

  2. Lauren

    Sounds great! I’d love to go back to New York one day. I went a few years ago but had a horrible travel companion that drove me crazy! That spoilt it a bit for me, and I really didn’t enjoy myself! Hopefully I’ll have a better experience next time I go. 🙂

    1. Cathy Post author

      I do feel that I was very, very lucky to have that time. Would love to do it again and have the same kind of opportunity to other places, too!

  3. Caz Makepeace

    This is why we love to live and work around the world- every day and all the mundane tasks in it become exciting and new. Good luck with the competition.

  4. Jade

    This would be my dream- I’ve always wanted to live in NYC, especially in the Spring, and wander around- take my time and discover the city. Good luck on the contest!!

    1. Cathy Post author

      I really enjoy having time to just wander around places like NYC and discovering places just by chance! Thanks for your good wishes, too!

  5. Boomergirl

    Your NYC story would get my vote. On our last NYC trip our walks took us to places we would never have discovered otherwise- a little bakery in Greenwich, an art store with amazing artist whites.

    1. Cathy Post author

      Thank you very much for your comment! I know what you mean about walking around NYC. Part of the fun is knowing that there could be something new and exciting around any corner!

  6. Jenny

    I envy your time in New York City!!! I was only there for 24 hours when I was 15 because of my half-sisters wedding reception. I was locked inside a small apartment for most of that time. I still had an unbelievable experience and I remember not wanting to come home! I hope I get to spend some more time there before I leave the States.

  7. Renee

    As I was reading this post, you transported me back to NYC. It is such a lovely, vibrant place to be and to be fortunate enough to live there for three months….sigh. I love the way that you write, you certainly had me shaking my head YES incessantly!

  8. Adam

    This must have been a very cool experience. In our travels, the times when we’ve hunkered down, gotten an apartment instead of staying in a hostel or hotel, and really gotten to know the new city, have been our favorites. And to do it in one of the best cities in the world? Awesome. We’ve been to NYC a few times, but the last time was in 2003, when we were just getting our traveling legs. We’re actually heading back for NYE this year, and I am very, very excited, especially since we’re staying with friends who live there. It should give us a whole new view of NYC. Can’t wait!

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