Raindrops on Roses

I must have a thousand photos of flowers taken in deserts, mountains, conservatories, and family gardens. I think some of the loveliest were taken of raindrops on roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens at The Regent’s Park in London.

I visited on a not uncommon September day that alternated sunshine and rain. This is my favorite from that day. I love the coral color which symbolizes “desire”, the shimmering raindrops and the openness of the exposed petal. I think it’s a little bit sexy.

"Raindrops on Roses in Regent's Park, London"

Jim McIntosh of Holes in My Soles has created a community forum called Magnificent Monday to “kick off the week on a high note”. Each week a theme is introduced and all are invited to share posts and photos that relate to it. This week’s theme is FLOWER POWER.

Join in or just follow the links on the Magnificent Monday page to other stories and photos!


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16 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses

  1. jim

    Love this Cathy. There’s always something grand about raindrops on flowers, especially roses because it signifies new growth, blooms bursting forth and the sun shining again. Really good for those suffering the effects of Hurricane Irene and knowing it’s passed over with not too much loss of life!

    1. Cathy Post author

      Thanks, Jim, for your thoughtful perspective. I actually have many pics of raindrops on flowers from that day and others. This is my favorite.

  2. Don Faust

    Very nice. Flowers are always a nice thing to shoot while you are out for a walk – if you look around, it’s amazing how many nice things to shoot right in the neighborhood. You can also get the raindrop effect if you use a mist spray bottle… but that’s cheating, right? 🙂

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