Feed Your Creative Soul in Tuscany

Editor’s note: I am delighted to share this information about worldwide art retreats created by Abby Sivy and Cindy Parker. Their next Bohemia Art Adventure is set for September 18 -24, 2022, in Italy.

Join Bohemia for a Tuscany art retreat

September 18 – 24, 2022 — A few spots are still open!

Created and guided by Abby Sivy and Cindy Parker of Bohemia

Picture yourself in Tuscany

Inspiration for a Tuscany art retreat! Tuscany hills and hilltop village -- Photo credit Photo by Flo P on Unsplash

The beauty of Tuscany for art inspiration — Photo by Flo P on Unsplash

Now picture yourself indulging your senses and nurturing your creative spirit at an enriching art retreat in an exquisite setting.

Villa in Chianti area of Tuscany for Bohemia Art Adventures participants

Villa in Tuscany, location for Tuscany Art Adventure — Photo credit: Il Villino & Le Scuderie

Tuscany Art Adventure, September 18 – 24, 2022

Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves in the rolling hills of Tuscany’s Chianti area, you’ll be inspired by the landscape, culture, cuisine, wine, and your fun-loving guides. Whether you’ve never tried your hand at art or if you’re already quite accomplished, you’ll get the chance to play and indulge your creative self.

The retreat location, a 19th-century Chianti villa, is next door to a famous vineyard, Siena and Florence are close by, you will enjoy chef-prepared meals, and there will be plenty of time to ride bikes, daydream, and relax by the pool.

Tuscany villa view, pool and guest bedroom -- perfect place for an art retreat with Cindy and Abby of Bohemia -- Il Villino & le Scuderie

Villa in Tuscany view, pool, and a guest room — Photo credit: Il Villino & le Scuderie

Meet your hosts, Abby Sivy and Cindy Parker

Abby Sivy and Cindy Parker of Bohemia Boulder enjoying time in Paris during art retreat

Abby Sivy and Cindy Parker of Bohemia — Photo credit: Bohemia

From Colorado to Costa Rica and European destinations, Abby and Cindy create and lead unique small group trips. Art, beautiful food and wine, and gorgeous accommodations — these are the hallmarks of a Bohemia Art Adventure. “We believe travel is transformational,” say the two partners of this Colorado-based art studio, “Looking at local art and spending creative time while traveling is a natural way to expand the soul, learn and grow.”

Bohemia’s home base is a vibrant community art studio in Boulder, Colorado. For more than five years people with no art experience as well as experienced artists have found a creative outlet here through local and international art retreats, expressive art workshops, children’s classes, and senior outreach programs. Cindy grew up in France and always dreamed of leading trips in Europe. This dream is now realized with her great partnership with Abby, an artist, art teacher and mentor for more than 25 years.

What makes Bohemia trips special?

Beautifully located accommodations and hosts with ingenuity, lots of energy, humor and encouragement. Soaking up the local culture is the goal. “Instead of checking off a list of popular sights, we zoom in,” says Abby. “We explore the history of our place and what it means to live here. We eat and drink what grows here, bought at local markets and prepared by a local chef. We walk or ride bicycles and really see the land.”

Bohemia’s goal is to nourish and energize your creative soul through life-changing travel experiences. Curiosity, courage, and community are the cornerstones of our experiences. And lots of laughter and fun!

Abby and Cindy choose small specialized museums and out-of-the-way restaurants. An art project is explained early in the week, but no art experience is needed — just the curiosity to explore your creative self. Of course, you are welcome to recline on the lawn with a book and a cup of tea instead! Juicy local outings are always offered: a Tuscan cooking class, walking the labyrinth at Chartres cathedral, water lilies at Giverny, a peek into Marie Antoinette’s shell palace, truffle hunting in Chianti, an olive oil tasting.

What do previous Bohemia Art Adventure guests say about their experiences?

Lovely dining room at chateau during Paris Art Adventure retreat

Smiling faces of inspired guests — Photo credit: Bohemia

A Paris Art Adventure guest wrote this beautiful description of a typical day in France with Bohemia:

“On one of my favorite days at the chateau, we were all sprawled out on the lawn beneath the gigantic, hundred-year-old trees, music playing in the background; we painted, collaged, and daydreamed all afternoon. A farmer’s market salad dressed with shallot vinaigrette, next to warm baguettes and a heaping bowl of sweet strawberries was served for our lunch. Every once in a while, Abby or Cindy strolled by with uplifting words of encouragement or helpful advice.

I rolled over on my back to watch the pillowy clouds float through a clear blue sky, got lost in thoughts while gazing at the perfectly formed five-petaled yellow flowers in the grass, and imagined feeling this content every day for the rest of my life. As I look around at these women and this experience I am grateful for, I believe my soul is cracking open.

That evening we were all gathered around our candlelit table, full and happy at the end of another delicious meal prepared by chef Laurent, sipping our wine; we took turns sharing stories about the inspiration and feelings behind our individual creations. Each painting is as unique and captivating as the woman holding it. I cherish this time of heartfelt connection. I realize that we are all the artists of our own lives. We make the rules, and there are endless creative possibilities.” — Alyce

Highlights of Bohemia's Paris Art Adventure retreat

Paris Art Adventure retreat highlights — Photo credit: Bohemia

Other Paris guests say:

“The “Bohemia Queens” just went above and beyond with the details, thoughtful touches, and hospitality. I love to travel but if for some reason, I could never travel again, I’d be content after this adventure. Cindy and Abby, thank you so much for some of the most memorable days I will cherish forever!!” — Sara

“Bohemia retreats challenge me, push my boundaries and connect me with myself and a band of women that are thrown together for a few days. We are free to have FUN and also take an immersed, “anything goes” deep dive to come up with our own treasures. I have one of my large paintings up in my study to remind me of the boundless creativity that’s there in me and in all of us.” — Elisabeth

Paints and brushes -- tools of the trade at Bohemia Art Adventure retreats

Bohemia’s tools of artistic creativity — Photo credit: Bohemia

A few spots are still open for Bohemia’s art retreat in Tuscany September 18 – 24, 2022.

You deserve this!

An artist's creation at art retreat in Paris with Bohemia Art Adventure

Art created by a Paris Art Adventure guest — Photo credit: Bohemia

For more information about the Tuscany art retreat, learn about other upcoming Bohemia Art Adventures, and to reserve your spot:

Website: www.bohemiaboulder.com
Email: bohemiaboulder@gmail.com
Phone: 303-709-8450

Follow Bohemia on social media:

Instagram: Bohemia Boulder
Facebook: Bohemia Boulder
Pinterest: Boho


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  1. Noel Morata

    What a fun way to travel and do some art at the same time. I love Tuscany and this workshop experience looks like the best way to enjoy a beautiful area and be creative at the same time. I need to get back to Tuscany again soon!

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