Where in the World Am I? Hamburg!

Congratulations to Marianne Schwab for correctly identifying Hamburg, Germany as our mystery location. Marianne is a TV Travel Producer who shares her experiences and tips on her website, Best Travel Deals Tips.

For over twenty years, Marianne has been collecting money saving travel tips as a travel producer for high profile television programs and as a world traveler herself. In addition to her extensive international travel experience, she flies all over the United States to produce and direct video shoots and live television productions. You can also find Marianne on Facebook and Twitter.


Original blog post:

This is my entry for the weekly Budget Travel Adventures series “Where in the world am I?”

Do you have any ideas about the place in the photo above? Please be as specific as you can about city and location. Leave your guess in the comment section below by Thursday, July 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. One winner will be randomly selected from those who answer correctly and announced in this blog post, on Facebook and Twitter with links to their blog and social media pages.

Clue #1: The buildings is this photo are facing a lake in this city that has three rivers and numerous canals. This city is also a major shipping port.

Clue #2: It is the 2nd largest city in its country.

Clue #3: This city’s red light district is a key place in the history of The Beatles. And it’s NOT Liverpool or anywhere else in the U.K.

Further hints might also be given on my Facebook fan page throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday. Multiple guesses are allowed!

Also be sure to check out Budget Travel Adventures where you can participate in more of this week’s photo challenges.

Please note: Comment moderation is turned on so that your answers are kept secret until everyone’s comments are in.

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15 thoughts on “Where in the World Am I? Hamburg!

  1. Cathy Post author

    Woo hoo! Marianne got it! The photo was taken in Hamburg Germany on Binnenalster (Inner Alster Lake).

    Thanks to all who participated and followed along.

  2. Rebecca

    Oh, wonderful photo! I missed the chance. Darn me, I won’t get it even if I did. My guess was somewhere in London. I’ll look forward for another one. 🙂

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