Alessandra Catania Sings in Portico

By Mr. TWS

When Sweeney first met Alessandra Catania, the Italian blogger who developed and organized our Emilia-Romagna trip, she learned that Alessandra was a jazz singer. A fan of jazz and many other genres of music and someone who appreciates the talent of singing, Sweeney was interested in discussing it more with Alessandra.

Three months later in Italy, as we were driving with Alessandra to our first night’s accommodation in Tredozio, she shared more about her love for music and her training. We asked Alessandra if we would get a chance to hear her sing during out trip and were delighted that she was open to the idea.

The following day we arrived in Portico di Romagna at Al Vecchio Convento where we would spend the next 4 nights. We were very impressed with the beautiful medieval town with its narrow, windy, steep cobblestone streets, lined with old stone buildings and flowerboxes. At dinner the first night I commented that I felt as though I had stepped into an Italian opera, which led me to realize that this picturesque village would be the perfect location for Alessandra’s performance. I suggested that she sing while walking down one of the beautiful Portico streets and she loved the idea.

So on our last day in Portico, Alessandra arrived on the street that ran downward alongside the hotel, ready to sing a cappella a song that she had personally selected. Giving her just a general idea of how I envisioned the “choreography”, I shot the video below. Watch and listen as she serenades us with Celeste.

I was a bit unaccustomed to the camera I was using and unfortunately cut this video off a bit too soon. As I backed down the street taking the video, I was unable to see that people had come from their homes and the shops down the street and gave a thunderous, well-deserved applause for Alessandra; alas, only one “Brava!” is captured in the video. Here’s another —

Brava, Alessandra!

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