Coolness: From Bolivia to Iceland

Photo courtesy of Brendan van Son

I’m always learning about something new or seeing something that really grabs my attention on Twitter. It’s great to be linked to interesting posts about places, events and people that I had never heard of before. Here are a few tweets I recently noted that made me say aloud, “I never knew!” or “How cool is that?” Click on the links and find out why. What do you think?

Photo courtesy of Adam Seper

Tweep: @aseper (Adam Seper)
Coolness: Salar de Uyuni Tour – The Salt Flats
One of the most beautiful and unique places on Earth.

Tweep: @Brendanvanson (Brendan van Son)
More Salt Flat Coolness: Fun on the Salt Flats and Bolivia’s Salt Hotel

Tweep: @lavoyageusemtl (Julie Thériault)
Coolness : Interact with your multimedia table at this London restaurant  (via @Spotcoolstuff)

Tweep: @travelcanucks (Cam & Nicole)
Coolness: Yet another 8th Wonder of the World

Tweep: @WeBlogtheWorld (Charlie Amter)
Coolness: Icelandic singer, snow and smiles! Iceland’s Hafdis Huld

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2 thoughts on “Coolness: From Bolivia to Iceland

    1. Cathy Sweeney Post author

      You’re welcome. I thought that the information about the Banane Rice Terraces in Manila was extremely interesting. The photo was stunning – I kept staring at it.

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