Through the Lens of Barbara Nelson: The Timeless Beauty of Romania

Editor’s note April 15, 2021: This post has been updated to feature a new Romania photography workshop added for August 1-16, 2021.

The timeless beauty of Romania

Barbara Nelson is a photographer, journalist and event producer who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago as she was leading a photography workshop in Portico di Romagna, Italy. Barbara has photographed throughout the world capturing the essence of the people and places she visits. In her workshops, she takes participants on a journey of transformation as they engage with locals and become immersed in the history and culture of the destinations.

These photos selected by Barbara Nelson offer compelling visual travel inspiration and give you a glimpse of the sights to be seen and photographed during her photography workshop in Romania.

Capturing the essence of a location with a unique personal vision

Traditional country wedding in Romania -- Photo by Barbara Nelson

Traditional country wedding in Romania

Romania, a country of timeless beauty where traditions run deep and life goes on as it has for centuries. Bordered by the Black Sea, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, and abuted by the famed Danube river on the southern border isolated Romania for centuries. Romania’s medieval citadels and now modern cities blend the old and new. Pristine landscape with rolling farmlands, mountain peaks, and forests, together with painted medieval monasteries, wooden churches, fairytale castles and palaces, gypsy villages and Roman ruins. Since admission into the European Union in January 2007, change is in the air in this ancient land and now is the time to take it all in. — Barbara Nelson

Medieval town in Romania

Medieval town in Romania

Painted Romanian church -- Photo by Barbara Nelson

Painted Romainian church

Colorful buildings in a Romanian town -- Photo by Barbara Nelson

Colorful buildings in a Romanian town

Romanian woman in her home -- Photo by Barbara Nelson

Romanian woman in her home

Romanian farm -- Photo by Barbara Nelson

Romanian farm

Romanian farmers at work -- Photo by Barbara Nelson

Romanian farmers at work

Dancers wearing traditional dress in Romania -- Photo by Barbara Nelson

Couple dancing

Romania Photography Workshop — August 1 – 16, 2021

The workshop will start and end in Bucharest.  You will travel by motor coach throughout the trip (allowing for spontaneous moments) accompanied by a local English speaking expert in the history and culture of Romania (and region). You will see and photograph castles (including Dracula’s “spooky” Bran Castle in Transylvania), medieval towns, small villages where the peasant culture still survives, and picturesque landscapes. The days are structured to allow time for downloading images and periodic reviews of images made during the trip.

All photos courtesy of Barbara Nelson

For workshop details:

Romania Photography Workshop website: Barbara Nelson Photography – Romania Photography Workshop

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About Barbara Nelson

Barbara is a photographer, journalist and event producer. Her productions include custom workshops and seminars for visual artists and professional associations. All workshops are a transformational journey, engaging meaningfully with the people, history, environment and culture of the destinations for new ideas and new skills. A background in Radio & TV and magazine publishing, plus extensive international travel to explore many diverse cultures, helps to identify unique places for workshop locations. Each workshop location is tailored to the uniqueness of the country/region for maximum learning experience in a stimulating environment. Barbara is a member of ASMP, PWP, WICI.

Barbara Nelson Photography website:

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